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CPV Manufacturing has been recognized as the global leader and innovator in the industrial gas industry for more than a century and is known worldwide for state-of-the-art design, quality, safety, and reliability. The high-quality valves and fittings are used within the oil and gas industry, where it’s crucial that the products perform effectively and safely.

Safe and Reliable

Safety is the top priority for your facility, and that's why CPV has designed valves and fittings that work effectively and reduce risks. They've become standard among gas manufacturers worldwide and are crucial in the industry's daily functions of gas-filling stations and plants.

industrialGases Government-Level Standards

CPV products don’t fail, and beginning in the 1950s, CPV partnered with the US Navy to equip vessels with valves and fittings that meet the Navy’s requirements. These products meet government-level standards and are designed for the toughest conditions because they must be made for the most difficult jobs. The US Navy is confident in CPV products, granting the Navy peace of mind that their vessels are properly equipped with the highest quality of valves and fittings.

10,000 Class Oxygen Clean Room

Before you receive your CPV products, they’re cleaned in the facility's 10,000 class oxygen clean room. This clean room is above and beyond the industry standard to ensure that your products are completely free of contaminants such as hydrocarbon oils and greases that can ignite or cause ignitions. Some of our valves include the following:

Make sure that your filling plant is equipped with high-quality valves and fittings that meet government-level standards in order to run the most efficient and accurate plant.