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Process & Quality Control Standards

For more than one hundred years, CPV Manufacturing has strived to ensure safety and reliability for all of our products. That’s why we design each valve and fitting we offer to meet or exceed the highest standards of quality in the industry.

Process and Quality Control Standards in Manufacturing

As we create each valve and fitting, our trained quality control manager oversees the production process. By the direction of the president, the manager has full authority to implement and maintain the company’s Quality Control Program.

CPV Manufacturing’s Quality Control Program keeps our production process running smoothly and efficiently and helps to ensure that we create the high-quality valves and fittings you need. With this, you can trust that the products you receive from us are reliable and safe to use in all intended applications. Plus you can trust that they’ll meet or exceed all standards of performance, dependability, and overall quality.

CPV Manufacturing Product Efficiency Standards

CPV Manufacturing’s products do more than just meet the quality and safety standards. They’re also designed to meet or exceed fugitive emissions standards.

We’ve taken the steps to create shutoff and control valves that meet all industry fugitive emissions standards. Doing this has allowed our products to perform as efficiently as possible, which ensures safe operations and cleaner air.

Quality Control Standards in Manufacturing

About CPV’s Valves and Fittings

All of CPV Manufacturing’s products are designed to ensure efficient performance for all appropriate systems. Some of the products we offer are:

  • O-Seal valves and fittings
  • FloMaster air-operated shutoff valves
  • Mark VIII system

These are made with durable materials to help them better withstand corrosion as well as extensive wear and tear. Plus they’ve been tested to ensure leak prevention and optimum operation.

Best of all, our products are designed with great versatility, so they can provide the same great performance across multiple platforms.

Contact us for more information about our process and quality control standards.

CPV Manufacturing’s Quality Management System is certified in the areas of Design, Material, Fabrication, and Testing and has been approved to meet the requirement of MIL-I-45208, SUBSAFE Level 1, EB 2678.


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Quality Control Standards in Manufacturing

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