Check Valves:

Optimal Flow, Minimal Head Loss and Bubble-Tight Shutoff Performance Guaranteed

CPV check valves are engineered with precision and equipped with a high-quality helical spring. These valves provide reliable and economical defense against water hammer and pressure surges. Their streamlined design ensures full flow, guarantees safety of your piping system, and minimizes head loss, proven by extensive service and rigorous testing. Elevate your system’s reliability today.

Check Valves
Features and Benefits:

  • Water, oil and gas compatible, made from durable and corrosion-resistant materials, reduce downtime and the need for frequent replacements.
  • Spring-actuated design swiftly and precisely responds to pressure changes and prevents reverse flow and pressure surges – safeguarding your system – and ensures optimal performance and longevity.
  • Soft-seated, bubble-tight shut-off meets or exceeds the most stringent industry standards, including ANSI FCI70-2 Class VI, API 598, MSS-SP-61 and ISO5208, ensuring leak-proof performance and protecting your system from contamination.
  • Install in any position, including vertical down and diagonal directions, for maximum versatility and configurability to your unique system layout and requirements.


Relief/Set Pressure From vacuum up to 6000 PSIG (414 BAR);
Select products up to 7500 PSIG (517 BAR)
Temperature Rating -70°F to 400°F (-56°C to 205°C)

Configure Product and Download Datasheets

Please use the guide below to find valves with specifications to meet the demands of your specific application. Begin by selecting a valve type and the selection tool will help you identify the part number of the product. From there you can view the data sheet or request a quote for the product you need. As a leading valve manufacturer and supplier, CPV has check, shutoff, and needle valves for sale.


Why does CPV use helical springs in their check valves?
CPV uses helical springs for several reasons, including their robust construction that allows check valves to withstand demanding operating conditions.

Here’s why this durability matters.

Helical springs used in CPV check valves are made from high-quality materials capable of enduring high temperatures and corrosive environments. As a result, check valves equipped with these springs enjoy a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

What are the most common types of check valves and their applications?

Swing Check Valves

  • Simple design with a hinged disc that remains open as fluid flows through. It closes when reverse flow occurs.
  • Commonly used in firefighting, flood prevention and various fluid systems.

Stop-Check Valves

  • Start, stop, and regulate material flow, preventing backflow.
  • Automatically close at low system pressure to prevent damage.
  • Used in power plants, boiler systems, petroleum production and more.

Ball Check Valves

  • Use a spherical ball to control flow direction.
  • Ideal for systems with viscous materials.
  • Widely used in industrial and household items, liquid dispensers and pumps.

Silent Check Valves

  • Control pressure surges, prevent water hammer, and reverse flow in water pipelines.
  • Feature a spring-assisted disc for precise operation.
  • Essential for water pipeline systems.