Principles and Values

For more than 100 years and spanning generations, the foundation of CPV Manufacturing’s mission has never changed: lead our industry by designing the highest quality valves and fittings available. As a metal valve and fitting manufacturer with an ISO 9001:2015 certification, we operate under the firm belief that compromising conditions demand uncompromising quality. It is at the root of every decision we make, every new design we develop and every part we build. It is our singular focus.

For our clientele, a weak link in a critical chain is never a risk worth taking. It is why every US Naval Aircraft Carrier and Nuclear Submarine is outfitted with our products. In fact, we have even helped NASA put man and machine into space.

Engineering firms around the world partner with us when only the best will do. They appreciate our emphasis on quality, and the lasting value and peace-of-mind that comes with it.

As a leading metal valve and fitting manufacturer, we carry our legacy forward with a continued eye toward innovation, design expertise and unparalleled customer service. And with a team renowned for seeing each new product through engineering challenge through solution, we will continue to not only meet, but exceed, the demands of every client with whom we do business.

For us, no detail is too small. No standard too exacting. And no expectation unsurpassable. These ideas—simple in concept, yet difficult in execution—guide us every day. That will never change, so neither will we.