FloMaster® Actuated (Shutoff) Valves:

Full Line to Accurately Control Gas Flow with Proven Shutoff Technology

FloMaster® is a comprehensive range of CPV fail-safe air actuators designed with meticulous craftsmanship. These actuators seamlessly enhance the functionality of O-SEAL® and G-Series® within critical automated applications, ensuring precise gas flow control with bubble-tight shutoffs. They are specifically engineered to cater to the demanding needs of high-pressure/high-capacity pure gas and mixed gas cylinder filling applications, as well as various liquid and gas services where CPVs renowned valves are already installed.

FloMaster® Actuated (Shutoff) Valves not only perfectly complement existing CPV valves but also deliver unparalleled performance, ensuring years of trouble-free operation and enduring through thousands of cycles. They are the ultimate solution for reliable and efficient automated processes with a precision machined mounting bracket that guarantees accurate and long-lasting valve actuation.

FloMaster® Actuated (Shutoff) Valves
Features and Benefits:

  • Bubble-tight shutoffs provide durable, reliable operation for hydraulic systems and heavy industries.
  • Energy-efficient large port sizes achieve enhanced flow capacities, improved control and positive shutoff every time.
  • Easy setup minimizes downtime and reduces labor cost for automated systems.
  • Optional position indicating sensors (PIDs) can help to further enhance safety and reliability by detecting faults early.
  • Spring fail-safe feature in open or closed position protects your equipment and personnel by automatically returning to a safe position in the event of power loss or other failure.


Pressure Rating From vacuum up to 6000 PSIG (414 BAR);
Select products up to 7500 PSIG (517 BAR)
Temperature Rating -70°F to 400°F (-56°C to 205°C)

Configure Product and Download Datasheets

Please use the guide below to find valves with specifications to meet the demands of your specific application. Begin by selecting a valve type and the selection tool will help you identify the part number of the product. From there you can view the data sheet or request a quote for the product you need. As a leading valve manufacturer and supplier, CPV has check, shutoff, and needle valves for sale.


How do FloMaster® Actuated (Shutoff) Valves work?

FloMaster® Actuated (Shutoff) Valves are pneumatic valve actuators that use compressed air to automate the operation of valves in various industrial applications. Utilizing proven positive shutoff technology, these systems control the flow of gas effectively. They offer more accurate control of gas flow, reduce the risk of leaks, extend valve life, simplify operation and enhance safety.

Do they provide a leak-proof installation?

CPV recommends using FloMaster® valves with the O-SEAL® body, which is manufactured to exacting standards, to ensure a leak-free installation.

Do you have an option for space saving?

Yes, CPV recommends using FloMaster® valves with the G-Series® body that has a compact, yet robust design.