A Long History of Quality

CPV Manufacturing is a globally renowned manufacturing company and industrial valve supplier in Kennett Square, PA. For more than 100 years, we’ve specialized in manufacturing high-quality valves, high pressure couplings, O-seal valves, and fittings for many industries, including the petrochemical, industrial gas, and ship building industries. We’ve also worked with the US Navy.

However, CPV Manufacturing wasn’t always a globally renowned manufacturing company and industrial valve supplier.


History & Product Innovations


Founded in 1915 by Isaiah G. Engle, a Pennsylvania Dutch farmer turned skilled machinist, CPV Manufacturing began as a small one-man business dedicated to serving the community. Engle started the company specializing in creating replacement valves for steam-driven reciprocating pumps.

As an industrial valve supplier, CPV Manufacturing has worked to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. For example, our Silent Check Valve has improved system performance since the 1940s. These innovative valves were designed to prevent damage from reverse flow, water hammer, and pressure surges. Today, these valves are used all over the world and can even be found in landmarks like the Space Needle in Seattle.

One of CPV Manufacturing’s crowning achievements and innovations was developed about 10 years later. We began working for the US Navy in the 1950s designing and manufacturing high-pressure couplings and valves.


To ensure that each part of our products met the stringent requirements of the US Navy, we developed new testing methods using O-ring connections. This allowed us to disassemble and assemble each component to help us test them for quality.

Once we developed a better understanding of the benefits of O-rings, CPV Manufacturing created the famous O-Seal valve product line. Designed to provide product versatility, these innovative fittings and valves can be used in a variety of platforms, including liquid or gas services. Today, O-Seal valves and fittings are used in numerous plants, including Praxair’s station in Santo Domingo, Mexico, a fully automated gas facility.

Other CPV Manufacturing innovations include:

  • Mark VIII System
  • FloMaster air-operated shutoff valves
  • G-Series stainless steel shutoff, needle, & check valves