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Industrial Gases

industrial gasCPV’s high-quality valves and fittings are also used in the oil and gas industry. In this industry, it’s essential that all products perform properly for efficiency and safety and to minimize risks. CPV’s innovative designs have become fundamental in the daily functions of gas-filling stations and plants, increasing productivity as well as accuracy.


CPV FloMaster Air-Operated Valves

CPV developed a brand-new gas-filling valve that improved the speed, efficiency, and productivity of high-tech gas-filling operations, reducing manpower and accelerating return on investment. Before CPV developed FloMaster™ Air-Operated Valves, employees manually opened and closed valves to fill industrial and mixed gases. This created an inconsistency in the gas mixtures and many fills would be rejected because they were out of tolerance.

CPV’s new valve has increased efficiency, profit, and accuracy, even for complex, specialty gas mixtures. CPV FloMaster units are rated for 6,000 psi, providing a comfortable margin of security. The system can make minute flow adjustments instantly.

Thousands of the FloMaster Air-Operated Valves and O-SEAL fittings have been installed at many industrial gas-filling facilities around the world. Many independent distributors such as Norco, Haun Welding Supply, Red Ball Oxygen, Lampton Welding, Westair, and Oxygen Service are using them as well as having become a standard with many of the major gas manufactures worldwide. These plants fill cylinders with many different types of high-pressure gases up to 6,000 psi. These facilities have required CPV valves and fittings, as they are recognized worldwide for their proven leakproof performance, safety and operative reliability. CPV is recognized as the leader and innovator globally in the industrial gas industry for more than a century now.

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