5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Being a Naval Engineer

Careers in naval engineering are in demand. The design and build of ships is considered crucial to national security and global commerce.

For this reason, the number of marine engineers and naval architects is projected to rise by 9 percent through 2026. This growth rate is faster than the national average.

Despite the rapid growth, there are fewer than 12,000 marine engineers in the United States. There are many things that the American people do not know about naval engineers.

Read on to learn 5 surprising truths about a career in this field. Explore interesting facts that no one ever tells you about naval engineering.

1. See the World

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this career is a chance to see the world. The roles and responsibilities extend far beyond designing and building.

The job entails functional tests and sea trials. This means that you may have the opportunity to go on a sea trial. Here you will travel aboard the ship and observe the ship in its operational condition.

2. Earn a High Wage

A career in this field is likely to earn you a high wage. In fact, you will earn more than the majority of Americans.

In 2018, a marine engineer earned a median salary of nearly $93,000. This amounts to $44.50 earned per hour for a full-time worker. The highest 10 percent of earners can make nearly $150,000 per year.

3. Various Employers

There are various employers and industries that hire engineers in this field. One of the top-paying employers for marine engineers is the federal government.

The federal government acquires ships from private shipbuilders like Huntington Ingalls Industries. The government and private industry work together to produce ships for the Navy, Coast Guard, and other agencies.

Another top industry is transportation and warehousing. Consider the thousands of cargo ships that transport goods across the globe in support of world commerce.

4. Various Types of Ships

Many people do not realize how many different types of ships are designed and built. Of course, there are common types like cargo or commuter ships.

There are also rare types like oil drilling platforms and nuclear submarines. Marine engineers and naval architects also design and build cruise ships, yachts, and autonomous sailing vessels.

5. Top Locations

Obviously, the states that employ the most engineers in this field are located along the coast. The top employers hail from the East and West Coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

Virginia is the number one state in the union for marine engineers. Texas and Maryland come in second and third place for employment.

A Recap of Naval Engineer Careers

A career in naval architecture and marine engineering is important and fulfilling. It comes with a great annual salary and a chance to travel the world.

There are job opportunities located across the country. Many of these jobs complete exciting end products like nuclear submarines and yachts. If you are a naval engineer and looking to purchase parts, contact us today for assistance.