Class 10,000 Clean Room Benefits

Safety is the top priority at CPV Manufacturing, so making sure that our valves and fittings are clean is crucial. These were our thoughts when we made an investment and installed our Class 10,000 Clean Room in our facility.

We provide commercial oxygen cleaning for the compressed gas market, and our valves are used in high-pressure oxygen systems. Our class 10,000 clean room is above and beyond the industry standard.  Find out more about the benefits of this manufacturing clean room and why it stands out among the masses.

Benefits of an In-House Class 10,000 Clean Room

Class 10,000 Clean RoomManufacturing cleanroom services and precision cleaning of valves and fittings is crucial for meeting industry standards. While oxygen itself isn’t flammable, it assists in combustion and can react with most materials. Materials must be oxygen compatible and free of contaminants such as hydrocarbon oils and greases. These contaminants can easily ignite or cause ignitions.

Many customers ordering valves and fittings have very high expectations when it comes to the cleanliness of products and understandably so. Not only does this allow the products to work properly, it also provides safety for the plant.

There are many capabilities and advantages of having a 10,000 class oxygen within the facility. Many companies outsource their products to a clean room. While this is usually effective, it’s difficult to determine how clean the products get. With our own clean room, we can guarantee that our products are safe and reliable and that there won’t be any trace of hydrocarbons. And in return, we can ensure the cleanliness of our products.

Importance of Cleanliness in Fittings & Valves

Many corporations turn to an oxygen cleaning service to clean their parts. It’s important to have parts that are clean and free of oil because if the fitting or valve is contaminated with a hydrocarbon, it will ignite. These unclean products can cause a fire or explosion, potentially resulting in damage and injuries.

Parts are taken into the oxygen room to be cleaned in a contaminant-free environment. Employees wear special gear to make sure that they’re contaminant-free as well. The parts are then assembled and packaged so they aren’t exposed to contaminants. CPV employees using the room are trained to make sure that they’re operating everything correctly.

After products are cleaned, they’re viewed under the black light before being put together. They’re inspected and before being ready to send.

CPV Company Values Applied To Our Class 10,000 Clean Room

CPV Manufacturing prides themselves on the following company values: extraordinary teamwork, accountability, listening and acting, a vision with a purpose, and respect for individuals. These ideals allow them to work together to achieve the common goal: creating high-quality valves and fittings each and every day that customers can count on.

CPV’s designs and products exceed industry and customer specification and meet all standards of performance, reliability and quality. CPV Manufacturing’s Quality Management System is certified in Design, Material, Fabrication, and Testing and meets the requirement of MIL-I-45208, SUBSAFE Level 1, EB 2678.

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