Common Misconceptions About Cloud ERP Security

Every manufacturing business loves implementing the latest technologies in their facilities. However, many are hesitant about cloud ERP servers and their security, but are the myths about these systems true?

No, these myths aren’t true, and to help you understand why, we’ve debunked some of the most common misconceptions about cloud ERP security below.

Myth: The Cloud Isn’t Secure

Cloud ERP SecurityFear of technology is one of the most common issues the manufacturing industry deals with. That’s why many businesses choose to hire in-house IT workers, thinking they can better ensure security for their servers. However, using the cloud offers more peace of mind and protection.

IT resources can have a difficult time keeping up with viruses, malware, and hacks that occur daily. Implementing a cloud ERP makes it easier to spot and prevent harmful attacks on servers because these systems support application vulnerability, multi-layer firewall testing, and renowned facility security, according to

Myth: The Cloud Is Tedious to Use

Traditional security software requires you to install it to one server at a time and one location at a time. They may also need to have individual users log in to ensure complete security. However, that’s not the case when you use a cloud ERP.

Cloud ERP SecuritySecurity for the cloud system is automatically applied for all users at the same time, so there’s no waiting and no multiple installations. Instead your servers get immediate security without interruption.

Myth: The Cloud Isn’t Reliable

With highly publicized cloud interruptions frequently popping up on news sites, many are under the assumption that outages happen more often in the cloud. Because of this, businesses believe that storing their ERP servers in an IT closet or rack in their facility ensures less downtime.

However, if those servers aren’t properly backed up or if they fail, businesses can experience severe downtime. In fact, states that businesses using regular ERP servers get more than an hour of unplanned IT downtime every month. Those using a cloud ERP may only experience a few minutes of downtime.

Myth: Maintaining a Cloud ERP Is Expensive

A cloud ERP may be an advanced tool, but compared to traditional ERP servers, they’re not as expensive as you may think, especially when it comes to software updates.

Cloud ERP systems use versionless software that’s updated in real time, so it doesn’t make an impact in the background. Thanks to this, businesses using cloud ERP systems won’t have to spend extra money on server purchases and disruptive software upgrades.

Cloud ERP servers are reliable and secure, and they can help your business run smoother. So don’t let the myths and misconceptions about these systems hold back your manufacturing business.

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