Cryogenic Distribution: Innovations in Safety and Optimization

Cryogenic distributionWithin the cryogenic distribution industry, safety is at the forefront of importance. This means, new innovations are constantly being considered to make the industry as safe as possible. In addition to safety, improving operational efficiencies is also a critical part of the industry. There’s a lot of pressure to reduce the cost operational efficiency because of this competitive market.

Innovations to increase safety in the industry are focused on reducing the likelihood of accidents, while innovations to improve operational efficiency are focused on vehicle stability and protecting operators.

Companies use these factors to help evaluate and select the best distribution equipment for their own business. Learn more about safety and operational innovations to stay on top of the trends in cryogenic distribution and select the most appropriate equipment for your business.

Reducing Risk of Roll-Over

One of the biggest risk factors that exists in the industry right is the risk of roll-over accidents. Most road accidents are related to roll-overs and poor trailer design. Trailers are not handling properly and are not very stable, resulting in roll-overs.

To reduce roll-overs, world-class manufacturers have been concentrating on lowering the center of gravity. When the center of gravity is lowered and combined with a wide wheelbase, the trailer is less likely to roll over.

Dividing the height of the center of gravity by the wheelbase width at the axle will allow you to calculate if your trailer is more or less likely to roll-over. If the number is high, it’s more prone to roll over.

Additional Safety Innovations

Incorporating additional safety innovations that utilize state of the art technology will increase your trailer’s safety. Learn more about these features.

Advanced Roll Stability Support (RSS): Advanced roll stability support has automatic braking action to reduce to risk of roll-over. This feature is integrated in the EBB system to measure speed, load and transverse acceleration. Brakes are automatically applied in the case of a potential roll-over.

Rear Door Warning System and Actuated Shut-Off Valve: This system warns the driver when the trailer is still connected to a tank, or results in automatic breaking of the vehicle.

Remote Closing System: This closes the main shut off valves so that the product is inside the trailer.

Overfill Prevention: This feature available on recent designs has pressure switches that automatically close main valves. This avoids over-filling.

Improving Efficiency

In the cryogenic distribution industries, companies are looking to optimize the cryogenic trailer. This entails designing it to carry the largest amount of liquid volume while also meeting the country’s road regulations that limit weights and dimensions. The manufacturer’s objectives are the increase the volume of the product by using the lightest material.

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