The O-SEAL Valve: The Big Difference Small Valves Can Have in the Gas Filling Process

In the gas industry, products must perform correctly in order to operate safely and effectively as well as to reduce risks. CPV Manufacturing’s products are designs that have become crucial to this industry in the daily function of packaged gas operations and fill plants. These products help with the plants’ productivity and accuracy.

CPV’s O-SEAL fittings have been installed in numerous gas-filling facilities around the world and have become a standard with many gas manufacturers worldwide. CPV’s valves and fittings are known for their leak-proof performance, safety, and operative reliability.

The O-SEAL is specific to small valves found in processing sections of refineries. The seal controls the amount of greenhouse gas emitted. When the stem opens and closes the valve, there are fugitive emissions standards for a very fine amount of gas that can leak through the stem. Because of the opening and closing, a microscopic amount of gas leaks through the seal, but the fugitive emissions sets a stringent limit.

Our O-SEAL valves and fittings for the industrial gas industry are qualified under Fugitive Emissions standard ISO 15848 and leads the industry in having small valves, meaning valves under 2 inches, that qualify to the stringent standard of Fugitive Emissions.

O-Seal valves and fittings are independently tested by laboratories that tested the standard and are unique to CPV in the way that they’re are up to 3 inches, but they go up to 48 inches. The standard is very stringent.

O-Seal hand valves are flat faced and soft seated and are differentiated from other valves because of their reputation for leak-proof reliability and long service life. In addition, O-SEAL hand valves provide low torque and a hand tighten positive bubble tight seal.

The O-SEAL line includes shut off, needle, check, and relief valves that are rated for vacuum to 6,000 psi (413 BAR) in liquid or gas service. These valves will function from -65°F (-54°C) to 400°F (204°C). The O-SEAL valve line handles the most elusive gases, such as helium and hydrogen, and accommodates pipe and tube size ranging from 1/8 to 2 inches.

CPV’s unique O-SEAL System design has a flexible O-ring that’s recessed into a close tolerance groove on each of the flat-faced union ends for slip-in/slip-out convenience. This creates a bubble tight seal that can withstand heavy vibrations or pressure surges far better than gasket or metal-to-metal type seals.

O-SEAL System valves also provide users with a cost-of-maintenance advantage in an interchangeable valve cartridge. The soft goods within the cartridge are removable and can be specified in different materials for special applications. The software group is determined by compatibility with the liquid or gas and the temperature range of the application. The cartridge can be easily removed from the valve to be fixed or replaced, so you’ll avoid the cost of purchasing a new valve.

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