Globe Valve vs Ball Valve: Which One Is Right for the Job?

How many kinds of plumbing valves can you name? Most people may not know the names of any
of them. Or maybe you know one or two.

There more than 7 different kinds of valves used in plumbing.

Two of them are globe valves and ball valves. When you think of a globe valve vs ball valve, you
might think they are almost identical. But our common vocabulary fails us in this case.

Keep reading to learn the difference between these two pieces of equipment.

How Globe Valves Work

Globe valves, at one time, were used more often than any other valve. In some applications, they
are the most sensible choice.

Globe valves regulate flow in one direction only. If you install them backward, the seals won't last
long. And then the valve will, of course, fail.

Much like other valves, the globe valve opens to allow flow and closes to stop it. However, unlike
some others, it can also regulate flow with excellent precision.

Glove valves have a few specific advantages. They have a shorter stroke to shut them off than a
gate valve. And they close more completely than a gate valve.

Plus, you can find them in different styles, each with different applications. Also, as parts wear out,
it isn’t difficult to machine or resurface them.

Globe valves have some drawbacks as well. They have a much higher pressure drop than gate
valves, which means some wasted energy.

How Ball Valves Work

A ball valve has a shape like a bead. But the hole in the center is the same size as the pipe. It has
gaskets on either side of the flow to allow for a complete shutoff.

You can install it any way you want to. No matter which end you choose as up, one quarter turn
one way turns the flow on and the other way turns it off.

Usually, one finds these with a straight handle. When the handle is parallel to the pipe, the valve is
open all the way. When at a right angle to the pipe, you have turned off the flow.

These valves have high durability. They last a long time because of how little motion it takes to
turn it on or off.

However, they have their faults as well. You cannot regulate the flow very well using a ball valve.
Once they start to open, they reach peak flow fast.

Globe Valve vs Ball Valve

If you have trouble choosing, think about how much time your valve will spend closed. If you plan
to shut things off for long periods of time, choose the ball valve.

If you need tight regulation of flow, the globe valve wins the day. Some applications include
cooling systems, fuel oil or steam systems.

A ball valve works great in high-pressure systems such as fire hoses. These may stay turned off for
long periods of time. But they need to work as well every time someone opens and closes them.

Use the Best Valves

While we might think of globes and balls as similar, their respective valves are not. Their structure,
function, and applications of a globe valve vs ball valve couldn’t be more different.

It’s ok if you don’t know what kind of valve you need. Get in touch with us here and we can provide
you with the highest quality valves for your work.