The Growing Trend of Simulation Technology in the Oil and Gas Sector

As the price of oil drops, hydrocarbon companies are beginning to look at ways to reduce their own costs. Simulation technology is a way for the oil and gas industry to be innovative and uncover unused capacity or capability.

Understanding Simulation Technology

Simulation Technology
In an article regarding simulation technology, Control Engineering describe it as “is the science and art of replicating the essential elements of a problem or opportunity. It is not digital twinning, where one attempts to copy reality. Rather, is designed to mimic reality in a controlled environment.”

Why to Use Simulation

Although it’s not widely adopted in the industry yet, but based on results from those who have used it, it’s definitely something to consider, especially to uncover unused capacity or capability. Control Engineering has outlined some of the main ways simulation technology can be helpful:

  • Users can experiment with different physical configurations or operating schedules before making changes in their facilities.
  • There is a possibility of creating and modifying individual and collective behaviors through the use of simple logic or business rules, such as blending, crude management, or batch sequencing.
  • Simulation TechnologyUsers can find practical ways of exploring existing assets, discovering unseen relationships, and improving opportunities.
  • There is a potential for interaction with users that increases the engagement at different levels (i.e., schedulers, managers, executives, etc.).
  • Communicating with other systems, such as reservoir simulators, instrument sensors, and control centers; and incorporating the information (past or real time) as input into the simulation.

The Relationship Between Games and Simulation

The Entertainment Software Association Foundation found that 155 million Americans play video games, and that 70% of senior executives play games during work hours. Gaming encourages collaborative play and problem solving. Many games are also easy and convenient, as it’s possible to play on computers, tablets and smart phones.

In many ways, simulation can be considered a game. Simulation technology involves tweaking variables and finding the best solution to a problem, just like a player wins a game.

The Benefits of Simulation

The oil and gas industry is late to utilizing simulation technology, but many other industries have found great success and consider simulation a fundamental tool. Industries such as telecommunications, logistics, healthcare and financial services are using simulation to innovate and uncover unused capabilities. Control Engineering details two examples from 3M and Airbus. “U.S. industrial manufacturer 3M uses simulation to support decisions in their supply chain management. The French aircraft company Airbus uses simulation to control the manufacturing process of airplanes. In addition, some hospitals have implemented simulation to train staff and allocate resources based on workflow and forecasted patient inflow.”

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