High Pressure Valves for Leakage Prevention

Preventing leaks in any compressed gas system is essential for eliminating product loss and keeping both the system and workers safe. Valves are one of the most common causes of gas leak and are often the leading area of loss through fugitive emissions. Fugitive emissions through valve leaks can lead to widespread product loss, adverse health effects, and even high levels of pollution. Unfortunately, preventing leaks in many different high pressure gas and fluid systems is not as simple as it seems. Compressed gas valves and liquid valves designed for leakage prevention must withstand a number of factors that can compromise other valves.

Common Causes of Leakage in High Pressure Systems

High pressure gas and liquid systems can often undergo a wide range of temperature changes, depending on the substances in the system and the environment itself. Traditional metal to metal valves can easily expand and contract with these changes in temperature. This effect allows high pressure fluids to escape from what was previously a tight seal. Another common cause of leakage in a high pressure system is mechanical vibration. Valves are often exposed to continuous vibration from nearby machinery. This vibration can cause the valve to slip and untighten. Unless these valves are closely monitored and repeatedly tightened, they can become an easy location for fluids to escape from.

At CPV Manufacturing, we design compressed gas valves and liquid valves to address these issues and prevent leaks. Our oxygen master control valves, gas filling valves, check valves, automated valves, and globe valves all incorporate design features that prevent expansion and contraction gas leaks and untightening through vibration. We design all of our compressed gas valves with reliability and durability in mind. The right high pressure valves can save you money on maintenance and replacement costs while also preventing the negative effects of fugitive emissions. Contact us today to learn more about leaks in high pressure systems and our specially designed master control valves.