Find the Right Fittings for Hydraulic Accumulators and Critical Applications

When high pressure gases and liquids are stored and moved by machinery, there is always potential for serious problems to occur. Critical applications across the military and in various commercial industries require reliable hydraulic accumulators and precise fluid and gas control. Everything from torpedo doors and submarine systems to massive power turbines require the highest level of quality and design when it comes to control valves and fittings. Impeccable design and manufacturing processes are a must for hydraulic accumulators. The safety of workers and the structural integrity of an entire system can come down to a single steel fitting. At CPV manufacturing, we understand the importance of every product we create. We know that lives can often depend on the strength of something very small. Our fittings are manufactured to stand up to the steep requirements created by various critical military and commercial applications. Have a look at how specially designed and manufactured fittings for hydraulic accumulators can help keep people and systems safe.

High pressure systems can strain metal and wear down important components. The potential for leaks means that pipe fitting must resist wear for long periods of time, while also preventing airtight seals from breaking. Proper high pressure fittings are manufactured with high quality materials and methods that resist wear and environmental effects. CPV’s fittings have been meticulously tested to ensure strength and durability under extreme conditions. In all break tests we have conducted, tubing has burst before any fittings.

Fitting design is equally as important as the materials used. Fittings must be engineered to fit custom systems and address common issues in fluid and gas movement and storage. Proper installation is also vitally important. When looking for a custom fitting or standard fittings for hydraulic accumulators, it is imperative to choose a manufacturer with experience creating for critical applications. When the cost of failed equipment is incredibly high, specially made fittings are a must.

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