The Importance Of High Pressure Check Valves In Plumbing

When you’re dealing with a pump system, the last thing you want is water flowing back into your pump when flow slows down or stops. This can cause all sorts of problems, not least of which is your pump wearing out faster than it ought to. Luckily there’s a very simple solution to this problem.

High-pressure check valves can make sure you don’t get any backflow into your system and your pump lasts as long as possible. Read on to learn about these valves and how they work.

What Does a Water Check Valve Do?

Water check valves are designed to allow water to flow only in one direction. They are required in all submersible pump installations since they keep water from draining back into the well when the pump is shut off. Check valves help prevent a few undesirable conditions in systems.

If water flows back into your pump, it may cause backspin that could break the pump shaft when the motor starts back up again. Water in the pump can also cause up-thrust, which wears a pump out over time. And if a pump stops moving water without having check valves in place, it can cause a water hammer that has enough force to burst a pipe or damage a pump.

How High-Pressure Check Valves Work

Check valves work on the basis of flow direction, a little like those pull/push doors that always mess up even the best of us. When water is flowing in a positive direction, the pump allows it through freely. This is like entering a push door; there is no resistance.

But once positive flow tapers off or negative flow begins, the valve seals shut, trapping water on the other side. It’s like standing on the other side of that push door and trying to push to get out; the door won’t budge, and you’ll be trapped inside until you notice the little “Pull” printed above the door handle.

Maintaining High-Pressure Check Valves

High-pressure check valves can wear out over time, like anything else, which can lead to any of the issues we mentioned above. It’s a good idea to check regularly that you don’t have any backflow happening in your system. If you notice any, make sure your check valve is in good shape.

The best way to avoid problems with your check valves is to choose the right kind for your application in the first place. If you do notice a problem, make sure you’re using the right style of check valve before you replace it.

Get the Best Valves

High-pressure check valves are great for making sure pumps last as long as possible. They can also prevent costly problems like water hammer. Make sure you’re getting the right kind of check valve for your application, and you should have a solid system that will last for a long time.

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