Marine Fittings, Valves and More: 5 Reasons Why High-Quality Marine Hardware Is a Must -Have

From the shipyards to high-end industrial complexes, marine hardware is a great example of small parts with big impact. 

Marine hardware, from valves to fittings, is the powerful link that binds the titanic engineering feats like aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. 

We here at CPV Manufacturing express values in quality assurance. You should never sacrifice quality for anything and if you need convincing, these 5 reasons below can do that. 

1. Water is the Bane of Mechanical Hardware

By its name, marine hardware should be waterproof and rustproof. Metal and water can have disastrous combinations if corrosion isn’t considered. In the face of corrosion, you need to prepare yourself with quality hardware.

When you start to sacrifice quality, some core corners may get cut. Cheaper metals and bad coating can lead to serious damages down the line.

2. Low-Quality High-Pressure Valves are Dangerous

When you have high-pressure valves controlling your entire system, they need to withstand the pressure. A casual valve burst can waste massive amounts of money.

Safety systems in case of emergencies, such as rupture discs, are vital. Relying on them, though, is bad. 

Lower-quality can mean a loss in durability. Cracks and breaks can happen a lot more with flimsier metals and lax quality assurance checks.

3. Save Money on Frequent Replacements

With breakings under pressure and other damages, there will be a lot more replacements in your future if you go with lower quality hardware.

Even with the initial savings and lower price per purchase, your frequency of replacements will catch up with you. Save your money and invest in good quality.

4. Structural Integrity is Key

Valves and fittings are vital connecting points and support pieces that many systems and vehicles cannot live without.

Sacrificing quality is the direct gambling of those vital roles. Saving time and money with cheaper pieces could be a direct cause of vital damage later. 

5. Building Satisfaction

Whether you are getting hardware for your own projects or as a major business selling engineered crafts and systems, skipping on quality only hurts your projects and your reputation.

When building mighty feats of engineering, skimping on quality can lead to customer complaints or even lawsuits. Not to mention the danger of low-quality hardware that could hurt or even kill a user in the wrong situation.

The Qualities of Quality

Lower quality can occur in a lot of ways. The metal involved can be lower grades. There can be mistakes in crafting, which you could miss with lower quality inspections. 

You can ensure quality by informing yourself about the materials used and engineering involved in the making of the parts you require. Do your research when buying your marine hardware. 

Now You Understand the Importance of Quality Marine Hardware

Marine hardware comes in many shapes and sizes, but with these 5 problems looming, they should never come lacking in quality. Cutting corners will only damage you in the long run.

Interested in getting the best marine hardware out on the market? We can help! Contact us today for help finding your best fit!