Seamen & Harley Riders: The Common Attraction of Navy Professionals to Their Beloved Bikes

Harley Davidson motorcycles are powerful, regal and impressive. These are all qualities they share with one of our country’s most incredible organizations, the United States Navy. It’s no surprise then, that so many men and women in the navy, or who served in the navy, are Harley riders and enthusiasts. 

Two Long and Impressive Histories

Harleys are about as American as it gets. These bikes have been American-designed and produced since William S. Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson began building them in a shed in Wisconsin in 1903. As the decades have passed, these motorcycles have become iconic, historic and legendary. They have come to symbolize everything about this exciting hobby for so many.

The U.S. Navy, on the other hand, is an even older American tradition. This storied branch of the armed forces found its beginnings back in 1775 when the Continental Congress voted to outfit two sailing ships with guns and soldiers. The plan was to intercept British ships that were transporting munitions to their soldiers in what would soon become the United States of America.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Both organizations have come a long way since their humble beginnings. And, both have become unforgettable and indivisible parts of the American story. It makes sense that the two would go hand in hand for so many.

Read on to learn more about why naval careers produce so many Harley riders, and why you’ll find so many former naval sailors and officers riding these beautiful bikes around this vast country of ours.

Why People in Naval Careers Love Harley Davidsons

There are many reasons that the connection between Harley Davidson motorcycles and men and women in naval careers makes a lot of makes sense. 

1. Celebration of Freedom

People who have served in the Navy have dedicated some or all of their lives to keeping our country safe and free. Riding a motorcycle along our roads and highways gives Harley riders an opportunity to celebrate that. Taking in the scenery and beauty all around reminds riders of the great American pride they feel when traveling around the United States of America.

2. Speed & Adrenaline

Most people who have served in any branch of the U.S. military are drawn to action and excitement. Riding a Harley gives people the chance to experience that every time they go out for a ride. Harleys go fast and look cool while doing it.

The adrenaline you feel on a bike on the open road is hard to match, and reminds many ex-military members of their days in helicopters, on boats, and driving other military vehicles for our country.

3. Camaraderie

There’s a unique bond between people who ride Harleys, and there is a similar bond between Navy vets who have served our country together. This sort of camaraderie is incredible and helps to build life-long relationships that mean so much to us all.

4. Stress Beater

We all need to blow off some steam every once in a while. Riding a motorcycle can help us get in better touch with ourselves and the greater world. Some vets with PTSD find that riding a Harley helps immensely because it allows them to control the danger around them; it’s also a rather meditative practice that can help anyone work their way through life’s intense challenges. 

5. Pure Enjoyment

The bottom line, though, is that riding a Harley is just plain fun. Members of our Navy deserve the best that life has to offer, thanks to the time they spent serving our country. Riding a motorcycle gives Navy sailors, officers and vets a chance to celebrate and embrace everything that is great about the United States of America, from one of the best seats on the road.

Happy Riding

Does it all make sense now? If you are yet to catch the naval Harley bug, perhaps this article has even awoken an urge to head for the open road yourself!

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