Types of Pressure Relief Valves and Their Recommended Applications

pressure relief valve is a safety device that protects a pressurized vessel or system when the pressure isn’t at the right level. This type of valve opens when a pressure level is reached in order to release the pressure, thus preventing damage to the system or other areas. Types of pressure relief valves are typically used in boilers, pressure vessels and other related systems.

It’s crucial that pressure relief valves are designed with materials that are compatible with many different types of process fluids, ranging from air and water, all the way to corrosive media.

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Find out more about the many different types of pressure relief valves so you know which kind to use for a specific application.

Spring Loaded Pressure Relief Valve

Types of Pressure Relief ValvesThe purpose of a spring loaded pressure relief valve is for a simple, reliable system actuated device that will provide overpressure protection. According to wermac.org, “When a pressure Relief Valve begins to lift, the spring force increases. Thus system pressure must increase if lift is to continue. For this reason pressure Relief Valves are allowed an overpressure allowance to reach full lift. This allowable overpressure is generally 10% for Valves on unfired systems. This margin is relatively small and some means must be provided to assist in the lift effort. Most pressure relief valves, therefore, have a secondary control chamber or huddling chamber to enhance lift. As the disc begins to lift, fluid enters the control chamber exposing a larger area of the disc to system pressure.”

Balanced Bellows Valves and Balanced Piston Valves

A balanced bellows valves or balanced piston design is used when superimposed back pressure is variable. Wermac.org describes the bellows or piston as being “designed with an effective pressure area equal to the seat area of the disc. The Bonnet is vented to ensure that the pressure area of the bellows or piston will always be exposed to atmospheric pressure and to provide a telltale sign should the bellows or piston begin to leak. Variations in back pressure, therefore, will have no effect on set pressure. Back pressure may, however, affect flow.”

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Types of Pressure Relief Valves

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