Chlorine-Resistant Valves for the Pulp and Paper Industry

The worldwide pulp and paper industry produces hundreds of thousands of tons of paper each year. It is not hard to recognize how important paper production is across the world. This vital industry presents a number of unique challenges related to the production processes. Paper mills often use a variety of chemicals like chlorine dioxide that must be precisely controlled and sequestered. Pulp and paper production requires specialized valves and fittings that can stand up to unique conditions and long-term use.

The Pulp and Paper industry has also been the focus of concern because of environmental impact. These factors increase the importance of quality valves and fitting in the paper industry. CPV Manufacturing creates valves and fittings designed specifically for pulp and paper production. Our engineers design all of our products to meet exact specifications and stand up to the unique conditions and requirements of each application. Find out more about the specialized valves and fittings designed for pulp and paper production.

Chlorine’s liquid and gas form both present a number of challenges for valves in pipe systems. Liquid chlorine can be highly corrosive on many metal valves, and keeping any moisture separated from the chlorine is essential. Chlorine is also very reactive, becoming explosive when in contact with certain oils and greases. Chlorine can also support combustion and becomes dangerously reactive at high temperatures. Another common issue with chlorine gas is volumetric expansion. As the temperature of chlorine increases, so does the volume.

CPV Manufacturing offers valves that meet the many requirements of pipe systems with chlorine. Our globe, ball, and butterfly valves are designed with materials that resist chlorine corrosion. Valves can also be custom fitted and designed to protect against volumetric expansion, moisture, cavitation, and contaminants like oil or grease. All our valves used in chlorine systems meet the requirements of The Chlorine Institute, which regulates chlorine production and distribution to ensure safety. Valve and fitting maintenance is also essential in these applications. CPV’s experts can work with you on our pulp and paper industry valves and fittings, helping you find the perfect products for your specific application.