Stem Seal Replacement Bulletin

Every new CPV O-SEAL® valve provides leak-proof assurance to up 6000 PSI (413 bar). Properly maintained they should provide long, reliable service. The stem seals are made of Viton®, Polyurethane, Ethylene Propylene, etc. and should be inspected at appropriate intervals depending on system conditions and frequency of use. To maintain CPV’s leak-proof standard after stem seal replacement, the “U” cup installation tool developed by CPV should be used. This tool is easy to use and enables users to replace a stem seal in less than a minute. By compressing the outer sealing lip and expanding the inner lip, the kit makes it easy to slip the “U” cup stem seal over the valve stem. Once the stem seal is properly installed on the valve stem, it can be easily inserted into the bonnet gland and secured without damaging the critical edges of the seal. A CPV Replacement Soft Goods Kit can also be ordered in the pipe size and soft goods material specified for the user’s application. This kit contains one of each: stem seal, body O-Ring, back-up ring, and seat O-Ring.

Soft Goods Kit for O-SEAL® Series Valves

In the event that the sealing elements used in an O-SEAL® system valve ever need replacement, a soft goods kit can be obtained containing all four of the items required. To order a soft goods replacement kit for O-SEAL valves, determine the proper material grouping shown across the top of the chart below. Read down the column and select the Kit Number on the horizon line matching the valve size or Dash Number.

For example:

A 1/2 in. 380-3 Globe valve requires a soft goods replacement kit. The valve is used in compressed air service, and the compressor is lubricated with a petroleum-based oil. The materials listed in the first column under Material Grouping B are satisfactory for this service.

Continue down this column to the line for Dash No. -3 (1/2 in. pipe size) to determine that the Kit Number is 003803.