The demands of shipbuilding are extreme. And as large as the finished product is, often the smallest components are most essential to a ship’s safety and overall integrity of its systems. CPV Manufacturing’s fluid valves and marine pipe fittings for the shipbuilding industry are engineered, manufactured, scrutinized and tested to the highest degrees in the industry. The unmatched reliability of our products offers peace-of-mind to owners and operators of vessels of all types and sizes.

Trusted by the US Navy since the 1950s, CPV supplies fluid valves and marine pipe fittings that are used on all US Naval Aircraft Carriers and Nuclear Submarines. This relationship led us to develop the revolutionary O-Seal® series of valves and fittings. Manufactured to exacting standards, a recessed O-ring seals the mating flat face for durable, leak-proof, bubble tight connections while offering quick assembly and disassembly. The O-Seal® brand is widely used spanning the globe by other Navy’s and shipbuilders alike for its safety and reliability offering trouble – free operations and easy service ability.

The O-Seal® system continues to evolve to this day. The latest generation includes hand valves, check valves, high-pressure in-line check valves, air-actuated valves and high-pressure relief valves.


All of our fluid valves and marine pipe fittings for the shipbuilding industry are tested to withstand continuous pressures and surges to 6,000 psi (413 bar) while still permitting slip-in/slip-out maintenance for speed and efficiency. Moreover, the system endures shock, vibration and pressure surges with its soft seat, offer far better than other methods that use gasket or metal-to-metal seals.

Every component ordered from CPV is meticulously tested, inspected and certified before delivering to our customers.