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A Long History of Quality

CPV Manufacturing, located in Kennett Square, PA, is a world-renowned industrial valve manufacturer. For more than a century, we’ve operated under the premise that compromising conditions demand uncompromising quality. Our industrial valves, stainless steel fittings, and repair kits are recognized for their precision craftsmanship, unmatched strength and worry-free dependability. They are built to perform well in critical applications.

Founded in 1915 by farmer-turned-skilled-machinist Isaiah Engle, CPV’s storied history began with a man who saw an opportunity to do better where others saw failure. And he did do better. Over the years, we’ve proudly carried forward Engle’s firm belief that quality exceeds all else.

Today, our robust high-pressure solutions are engineered to withstand the most demanding conditions across critical applications. Firms spanning the globe partner with us because they know a weak link in a critical application is never a risk worth taking. It’s why every US Naval Aircraft Carrier and Nuclear Submarine is outfitted with our products. As an industrial valve manufacturer, we have even supplied NASA products for the Gemini and Apollo Space Programs.

At CPV Manufacturing, no detail is too small, no standard too exacting and no expectation unsurpassable. Experience the difference for yourself.

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Features & Benefits

Highest quality machined valves & stainless steel fittings for critical systems; both compact and mighty, and designed to withstand the most demanding conditions across various industries.

Wide range of product lines to encompass the fullest extent of industrial processes – for pressure, temperature, flow, ease of installation, reliability, and worry-free operation.

Soft Sealing mechanism for all valves,
ensuring leak-proof bubble-tight
shutoff every time.


Unique O-Ring Face Seal Union-type connections for various products ensure maximum reliability and optimum flexibility for high pressure liquid and gas systems.

  • Quick installation/slip-in and slip-out assembly
  • Shock & vibration resistant components
  • Easy to replace self-energizing o-ring seal

Valve & fitting pressure ratings from
vacuum to 6,000 PSI in various water,
oil & gas industrial processes.

Adaptable products for many growing industries, with continued research & development of new reliable, robust designs.


As an industrial valve manufacturer, our versatile product line is filled with components suitable for use across the most demanding processes, applications and industries. When safety and reliability is not an option, CPV products are what you want.

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