A Brief Overview: Finding the Best Globe Valves For the Job

Although globe valves and check valves look very similar, the two serve very different purposes. Globe valves are useful in situations where you need to regulate flow but a constant flow is not necessary. They have great throttling and shutoff capabilities, and they can be used as a stop-check valve in a pinch.

But not all globe valves are created equal. There are three main types of globe valve: tee, wye, and angle valves, and each is used for a different task. Read on to learn how to pick the right globe valve for the job. 


Tee globe valves are the most common body type and, true to their name, they’re shaped like an upside-down T. The stem sits at the top with the ends to sit at opposite ends of the diaphragm. The horizontal setting of the seat allows the disk to travel perpendicular to the horizontal line.

The tee globe valve has the highest pressure drop of any globe valve and the lowest coefficient of flow. They’re good for jobs where you need throttling and a pressure drop is no worry. You’ll find them a lot in bypass lines around a control valve and other severe throttling services. 


Wye valves have the two ends situated horizontally similar to a tee valve, but the seat and stem are angled at about 45 degrees. This allows for the straightest flow path when the valve is opened and offers the least resistance to flow.

If you’re looking for an alternative to the high-pressure drop you often see in globe valves, wye globe valves are a good choice. They can be cracked for long periods of time without wearing down, and they can be used to remove debris in closed drain lines. You’ll often see wye valves used for throttling during startup or seasonal operations.


An angle globe valve has the two ends situated at right angles from one another. One end points straight down, and the other points out the side of the valve. Fluid flow in these valves occurs in a single 90-degree turn.

Angle globe valves have a somewhat lower coefficient of flow than their wye cousins. They handle the slugging effect that comes with pulsating flow well, so you’ll often see them in those sorts of applications.

Get the Best Globe Valves

Choosing the right globe valves for the job is important to regulating flow in the ways you need. Keep in mind what you need in terms of pressure drop and throttling capability and you’ll find the globe valve you need.

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