Valve Hieroglyphics: How to Read Globe Valve Symbols

If you’ve ever tried to decipher industry planning documents, then you know that it’s
full of strange symbols that look like they’re straight out of The Da Vinci Code. It’s
important to understand each of these symbols as they can affect how you maintain
the system, operate the valves, and more.

The good news is once you learn what different symbols are, it’s easy to read valve

In this post, we’re going over the various globe valve symbols you could see.

When Would You See Globe Valve Symbols?

Globe valves regulate flow in a single linear direction. When in the open position, the
valve allows flow. In the closed position, it stops flow.

They operate with excellent precision, more than similar gate valves, and they also
close and open with a shorter stroke than similar valves.

They’re most often used in cooling systems, fuel lines, turbine lube oil systems, steam
lines/systems, and water systems.


Universal Globe Valve Symbol

The symbol for a globe valve is two sideways triangles on the same linear line with
the points touching in the middle. Where the points touch, there’s a black circle. You
can see a picture of it here.

Angle Globe Valve Symbol

Globe valves can also be made to work at angles. If you see two triangles with points
touching in an”L” configuration and a black circle where the points meet, that
indicates an angled globe valve.


Other Valve Symbols You May See

Globe valves aren’t the only valve symbols you’ll see, even if you’re working in one of
the systems where globe valves are most often used. They also can look similar to
globe valves, so it’s important to learn the differences.

Ball Valve

Ball valves have the same symbol as the globe valve, except the circle in the middle
of the triangles is white, not black.

Plug Valve

Plug valves also have two sideways triangles with points touching in the middle. The
difference between the plug valve symbol and the globe valve symbol is instead of a
black circle, the plug valve symbol has a white rectangle.

You may also see the rectangle depicted as a diamond.


Gate Valve

The gate valve symbol is simply the two triangles mentioned multiple times with the
points touching. When the gate valve is “closed”, the triangles are filled in black.

Needle Valve

A needle valve features the two triangles with a line going perpendicular through the
touching points. You may also see this line depicted as an arrow in some cases.

Learn How to Decipher Valve Symbols

Globe valve symbols are simple to understand once you know what to look for. Now
that you understand those and other common valve symbols, you should be better
prepared to examine industry and system plans.

That’s only part of the battle, though. You also need to know when to use each type of
valve and which will work best for each application. If you need some help on that
part, read our article on how to choose the right valve for the job.