CPV Manufacturing Announces 5 New Hires in December 2021 and January 2022

Kennett, Square, PA, USA (2/3/22) – Admiral Valve, LLC dba CPV Manufacturing is pleased to announce the appointment of 5 new employees in December 2021 and January 2022: Darren Dempsey, Chris Allegra, Carmela Collins, Austin Lobiondo, and Catherine Lavis.


At CPV, we recognize that our future success is dependent on our exceptional employees. For this reason, we will continue to recruit the best and the brightest to develop, innovate, and manufacture the safest, most reliable products available. Please join us in welcoming our new employees listed below.


(1/24/22) Darren Dempsey joined our team as a Packaging Associate. Darren’s background includes warehouse experience, mechanic work, and even some time at a Petro-Chemical plant where he inspected valves. Darren’s broad skillset and drive will fit in nicely in the packaging and assembly areas.



(1/17/22) Chris Allegra joined our team as a Technical Sales Associate in the Customer Service/Sales Department. Chris joined us from HSM of America, where he most recently held the position of Customer Service Manager/Government Channel Specialist. We believe Chris’ experience spanning 15 years, focused on customer satisfaction aligns with our goal of delivering exceptional customer service.



(1/10/22) Carmela Collins joined our team as a Quality Assurance Associate. Carmella has been with Sikorsky since 2013 in a variety of positions, including Production Control and Quality Inspector Flight Specialist. She brings a strong technical background as well as attention to detail, initiative, and drive to continually improve processes.




(12/1/21) Austin Lobiondo joined our team as a Quality Inspector. Austin joined us from DE Technologies where worked for the last 5 years, most recently holding the position of Quality Control Inspector.  Austin understands ISO standards and enjoys always looking for ways to improve the process. We are confident his previous knowledge and skills will help him flourish in this new position.




(12/1/21) Catherine Lavis joined our team as Customer Service manager. She joined us from Trescal, Inc. where the most recent position she held was East Coast Customer Experience Manager. During Catherine’s career, she has demonstrated a technical aptitude, led a team focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, and built strong interdepartmental connections. We are confident her 25+ years in customer service and operations within the manufacturing industry will be a key asset to our team.


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