IChemE Supports Engineers Whistle-Blowing to Protect Public Safety

It’s crucial for public safety to be recognizing and practiced, especially in the field of chemical engineering. Chemical engineers are responsible for the safety of others, and it’s important that they conduct themselves in this manner.

Learn more about the people who ensure the safety of others and how an updated policy has reinforced this.

What Is IChemE?

Mechanical EngineersIChemE, or the Institution of Chemical Engineers, is a global professional membership organization made up of chemical engineering professionals and any individual involve with the process industries.

IChemE sets the standards for chemical and process safety engineering professionals to “promote the science and practice of chemical engineering, the standing of the profession, and to serve its members and society.”

Mission Statement

It’s the belief of IChemE that as a professional engineer, it’s crucial that you adhere to certain ethical standards and be an outstanding member that the public can trust.

IChemE focuses on the following four goals:

  • “To build and sustain an active international professional community, united by a commitment to qualifications and standards that foster excellence and the delivery of benefits to society.
  • “To engage with others to promote the development, understanding of chemical engineering and an appreciation of its importance.
  • “To provide support and services to individuals, employers and others who contribute to improving the practice and application of chemical engineering.
  • “To enable chemical engineers to communicate effectively with each other and with other disciplines.”

Code of Professional Conduct and Revision

Code Of ConductAll members of IChemE must adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct. This document contains sections relating to professional duties, relationships, and regulations.

A recent revision of the Code of Professional Conduct was published, and a rule was noted that encourages whistle-blowing, making practicing chemical engineers obligated to “raise a concern about a danger, risk, malpractice or wrongdoing which affects others (‘blow the whistle’) and support a colleague to whom the member has a duty of care who in good faith raises any such concern.”

This revision supports the effort to maintain a safe and sustainable environment for those who work in the chemical and process industries. Engineers are required to assist others and show support in getting an issue addressed as soon as possible.

On the topic of the Code of Professional Conduction revision, IChemE director Andy Furlong said, “Confidence in professional chemical engineers, and in the profession itself, is brought about by practices that maintain high standards of technical and ethical competence. These standards are defined and promoted by IChemE.

“We have strengthened our code of conduct and this move provides further protection and support for chemical engineers who come across illegal practices. IChemE membership is a signal of trustworthy professionalism and it strengthens public trust in chemical engineering.”

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