2016 Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo

The Materials Technology Institute (MTI) and KCI Publishing will host the Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo on November 9 and 10 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. During this two-day event, industry leaders and experts will come together to provide tips for operating your plant and handling issues.

About the Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo

2016 Managing Aging Plants Conference & ExpoThe Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo strives to provide those in the industry with the resources needed to run their plant more efficiently. This is the first Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo for North America, and it will focus on the most important issues that can occur when running a plant that is close to or has reached its original design life expectancies. The event is also held in Germany and Japan.

The two-day event will feature presentations and workshops led by prominent industry experts. This includes John Adler, Executive Director of the MTI, who will discuss the best practices in creating a framework for managing aging infrastructures. Tyron Kimble, Senior Integrity Engineer for Sonomatic, will talk about the best practices for inspecting and analyzing data for managing an aging plant.

Other presentations slated for the Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo include:

  • Management of Complex Facilities Using Robots
  • Cost-Effective Polymeric Heavy Corrosion Systems in Aging Plants
  • 5 Steps to Successful Repairs
  • Valve Maintenance Practices for Aging Plants to Ensure Leak Free Operations & Modern Sealing Technology for Flanged Joints in Aging Plants

In the expo portion of the event, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors worldwide will showcase their products and services that can make running an aging plant easier and more efficient.

Conference Theme and Overall Focus

2016 Managing Aging Plants Conference & ExpoOverall, the Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo will focus on four areas that workers need to understand to overcome the challenges faced when running an older plant:

  • Maintenance

The conference will highlight the importance of maintenance and what workers need to do to ensure long-lasting efficiency, reliability, and safety. This includes tips for inspections and repairs for software systems and mechanical components like valves and fittings.

  • Safety

Perhaps the most prominent concern with aging plants is safety. At the event, experts will discuss how to ensure safety in the workplace and how to create a maintain a safety culture within your company.

  • Materials

Certain materials react differently to external factors and can cause problems in aging plants. The conference will focus on how to overcome these problems and help you to understand how each material affects production. Plus it will also touch on how to choose the right materials for your plant.

  • Future Solutions

The Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo will address the ever-changing industry and the newest technologies. There will be workshops and presentations discussing Industry 4.0, intelligent software, and smart data analysis as well as how these technologies promote efficiency and cost-effective solutions for your plant.

To learn more about the Managing Aging Plants Conference & Expo, check out the event’s official brochure.

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