Primus Green Energy to Launch Commercial Gas-to-Liquid Plant

Primus Green Energy of Hillsborough, NJ, has announced its plans to launch its first commercial gas-to-liquid plant. In the official press release, the gas-to-liquids technology and commercial solutions company stated that the plant is scheduled to commence production in 2017 for regional distribution to the Marcellus shale region. The plant will deliver 160 megatons on methanol per day.

Primus Green Energy also noted that three additional plants are in the works for the following years. These will increase its capacity to 640 tons per day.

Primus STG+™ Technology

Energy PlantAll upcoming plants will use Primus Gas-to-Methanol STG+™ Systems, the company’s standardized modular gas-to-liquids systems. Described as a cost-effective solution to the lack of a natural gas pipeline in remote locations, these work with a variety feedstock types and can produce AA-grade methanol anywhere a feed gas source is located.

These will convert Marcellus feedstock into methanol locally, resulting in lower production and transportation costs for regional clients that usually source methanol from international areas and the US Gulf Coast.

In addition, Sam Golan, chief executive officer of Primus Green Energy, said the plant will present clients with a great deal of benefits. “The launch of our North American methanol plant in the Marcellus and additional commercial builds to follow for our clients globally demonstrate how Primus’ standardized, modularized STG+ solutions can provide world-class economics in smaller distributed plants,” he said. “In North America specifically, our technology offers clients a politically-stable, cost-effective avenue for local methanol and gasoline production, and we look forward to continuing to provide the industry with this domestic solution.”

Offtake Agreement with Tauber Oil

Energy PlantPrimus Green Energy also confirmed that the company has signed an offtake agreement with Tauber Oil for its first upcoming plant. According to the official announcement, Tauber Oil will offtake all of the methanol that the plant produces to market, sell, and distribute to the regional market.

For Primus Green Energy, working with Tauber Oil will allow the company to provide local methanol to more clients in the region.

In the announcement, George Boyajian, chief commercial officer of Primus Green Energy said, “Working with Tauber – an established methanol distributer with an extensive client roster and deep market knowledge – allows us to confidently deploy our system to arguably the largest shale play in the United States.”

For Tauber Oil, partnering with Primus Green Energy will help to create an environmentally friendly way to provide their customers with a cost-effective, high-quality product. “With its uniquely attractive economics, Primus’ technology has the ability to produce methanol at a competitive price at regional scale in the Marcellus,” said Steven Elliott, vice president of petrochemicals at Tauber Oil. “As a result, the system will provide our customers with a high-quality product at an advantaged price, while – at the same time – reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of both natural gas and methanol.”

Interconn Resources, a subsidiary of Tauber Oil, has also signed on to supply natural gas to the plant.

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