Safety Valves for Critical Applications

Safety valves were first invented during the industrial era and are designed to be a fail-safe, automatically releasing substances from a system when preset limits are exceeded. By design, regular valves endure immense amounts of erosion from the materials flowing through components. Over time, these valves can be affected by the constant use. There are several indicators when valves begin to fail, including noises, abnormal vibrations, and erosion of component parts. Failing valves can be expensive to repair or replace, can release toxic emissions, and in certain instances can be safety hazards. Safety valves were created to be a safeguard against these possible outcomes. There are several kinds of safety valves.

  • Pressure relief valves are what most people think of when they think about safety valves. This type of safety valve opens when a certain level of pressure is reached, and its purpose is to release that pressure. This prevents the excess pressure from damaging the system or other areas. You will find pressure relief valves are useful in many systems but are typically used in boilers and pressure vessels.
  • Gas and vapor valves are designed to work with specific gas and/or vapor systems. Gasses and vapors can be volatile and require careful systems. Gas and vapor safety relief valves ensure systems are constantly operating at the optimal pressure.
  • Vacuum relief valves are designed to protect a system, tank, or other equipment from breaking and/or imploding. Vacuum valves are usually attached on the top of a tank.

We are proud to offer you the best selection of superior safety valves. Our exacting standards are unmatched, and this is one reason why CPV Manufacturing is the leader in producing the highest-quality safety valves in the industry. We offer both high- and low-pressure safety relief valves. We are recognized for our products, and a few of them are:

  • The O-SEAL® system of high-pressure safety valves and fittings
  • The Mark VIII® system of tube-size valves and fittings
  • The G-Series® stainless steel shutoff, needle, and check valves

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