The Different Types of Actuated Valves Used in Marine Applications

Actuated valves are relatively small scale components, but they have a massive market behind them, which, according to analysis, is expected to reach $125 billion by 2022.

Much of this explosive growth is thanks to the marine industry, which is another area of high growth, with up to 90% of the world’s global trade being carried out by ships.

If you are involved in marine engineering, then knowing about the different types of actuated valves is key to facilitating high-performance components.

Read on to familiarize yourself with the main types of actuated valves.

What Are Actuated Valves?

Actuated valves are valves that contain an actuator. Actuators are mechanisms that control the remote opening and shut-off of valves by utilizing a power source. The power source can be either hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic.

Actuated valves can be further divided into two categories, which are actuated rotary valves and actuated linear valves.

Actuated Rotary Valves

Actuated rotary valves comprise of all rotary valves that utilize an actuator. These include ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves.

The actuator within these valves controls the rotary motion required to open and shut the valve. Actuators can be powered by any of the above-mentioned power sources.

Actuated Linear Valves

Like actuated rotary valves, actuated linear valves comprise of all linear valves which are operated by actuators.

These include globe and gate valves, as well as pinch valves.

As in all actuated valves, in these valve types, the actuator is responsible for facilitating the opening and closing of the valve remotely. However, due to their widely varying operation, actuated linear valves require very differently designed actuators to those in actuated rotary valves. These actuators are required to produce a linear rather than rotary motion and are available in many different styles.

How to Select the Best Actuator Valve

Actuated valves have a wide array of uses and are indispensable for systems that require valves with remote opening and shut-off ability.

The best actuated valve type will always be the one that is most suited to your particular purpose.

To determine whether a particular type of actuated valve suits your application, consider:

  • The power that is available for it to operate on
  • The required cycle life
  • The required duty cycle
  • Any need for fail-safe function
  • The speed of action required
  • Any need for manual override
  • Environment of installation
  • The functional and operational characteristics required

In addition, you need to ensure that you choose a valve type that is engineered to a high standard. High-quality valves are imperative, as valves can undergo high amounts of wear and tear, and a burst valve can lead to costly damages to operations. In the marine environment, the importance of durable valves is even higher, as marine conditions are particularly degrading to all materials, especially metals and rubber(the main components used in valves).

Do You Need Valves for Shipbuilding?

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