Valves and Fittings Requirements for Industrial Gas

When considering all options for your valves and fittings for your industrial gas needs, it is imperative to choose the option that will save you time and money. The valves and fittings CPV Manufacturing offers were developed with care and integrity and have become the industry standard worldwide. 

Pneumatic valves are used to control or modulate the flow of air or gas in a pneumatic system. They accomplish this by regulating its passage into tubing, pipes, or other devices in an automated pneumatic system. Deciding on the right valve and fitting for your system can be a difficult decision, and you will have many options available for you. You will need to consider several factors, including materials used in construction, design features, performance, and longevity. 

The team at CPV Manufacturing has a thorough understanding of the processes at industrial gas filling facilities. This is why we fortified our air-operated valves with our patented O-Seal technology to create an unsurpassed solution for your industrial gas needs. Our FlowMaster™ valves and fittings work in conjunction with the computer operated systems designed by cryogenic equipment manufacturers, removing the need to manually open and close valves, which can lead to inconsistent and unreliable results, which can cost you precious time and money.

Our valves and fittings are designed to hold up under the most extreme of circumstances. They will withstand the long-term strain and constant vibrations without slipping or leaking. Industrial gases require a carefully designed environment, and CPV Manufacturing valves and fittings are an important component. It is imperative to prevent any disruption to the process. Our innovative design was created to withstand even the most extreme of applications. Tested to exceed even the highest of expectations, our leakproof, air-operated valves are easy to maintain. Our valves and fittings are designed to work best in automated filling systems and will maintain the accurate pressure and temperatures required. 

For assistance selecting valves and fittings for your industrial gas needs, contact CPV Manufacturing today!