Valve Flush Plugs

If one section of a piping system needs to be altered, cleaned or flushed, CPV O-SEAL® Flush Plugs can be used to protect the rest of a system from contamination. Simply remove the valve cartridge and insert the appropriate Flush Plugs into the O-SEAL® valve bodies at either end of the affected area and the rest of the system will be totally cut off from the cleaning or flushing process.

There are three types of flush plugs available: Under-Seat, Over-Seat, and Flow-Thru.

As can be seen in the schematic drawings, the Over-Seat and Under-Seat have threaded connections in the top of the plug for trouble-free connection to the flushing pump. The Flow-Thru Plugs are intended for insertion in valves located in the middle of the section being flushed or cleaned. Once installed, these plugs allow the flush to flow through without contaminating the O-SEAL® valve cartridges. When these valve bodies are equipped with O-SEAL® Flush Plugs, future system expansion or section flushing will be much easier.