Valve Lubrication

A smooth operation depends on well greased valves.

Plant managers don’t always remember to schedule the valves in a system for regular lubrication. The movement in a valve may only involve opening and closing, but that doesn’t mean valves don’t require the same lubrication as more complex, multipart components. Whenever two surfaces must slide over one another, as they do in even the simplest valve, lubrication makes parts last longer and function more efficiently.

Hydraulic piping systems are generally not of concern because they usually have sufficient lubricity. On the other hand, lubrication can be critical in gas piping systems which function under high pressures.

When valves are ordered from CPV we strongly suggest that a lubricant be specified that is compatible with the system in which the valve will be used. As a result, seals and stem threads will be properly lubricated before the valves are shipped.

Once operational, CPV recommends a regular lubrication schedule be established. CPV Technical Support can help customers set this up, if necessary.

As often as not, lubrication can be as simple as opening the valve and smearing lubricant on the stem. When a regular lubrication schedule is adhered to, maintenance takes less time, the number of emergencies decreases and the piping system lasts longer.

CPV has been a leading manufacturer of valves and fittings since 1915. The company’s innovative designs are well suited to standard applications, as well as one-of-a-kind custom requirements.