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CPV’s products are strong, reliable, and long lasting to keep customer operations performing continuously for long periods of time. With a 100-year history, CPV has the experience and knowledge to develop products that allow our customers to do what they do more efficiently, faster, and at a lower cost. Fundamental to our business model are the high level manufacturing and quality standards that begin with the raw metal and ends with a top-notch product that will deliver high performance for up to 50 years.

Ship Building

Since the 1950s, CPV has proudly engineered and developed products for marine applications. Today, CPV valves and fittings are found on every surface vessel and submarine in the US Navy. Whether an aircraft carrier or a submarine, these ships are some of our nation’s most valuable assets! CPV’s consistent attention to design and quality provide peace of mind in the critical applications and ensure that each valve will work as intended during the entire life of the vessel.

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As the energy needs of the planet evolve and the petrochemical industry advances, CPV is at the forefront providing inventive solutions to the industry’s most puzzling challenges. CPV high-pressure valves and fittings can be found in both oil and gas production, as well as refining. Our American engineered and manufactured products can be found in every region of the world, where safety is maintained and they reduce environmental impact.

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Industrial Gases

Commonly described as a hidden industry, industrial gases are a vital component of every industrial business from welding to medicine. Because of our proven leakproof performance and operating reliability, CPV high-pressure valves and fittings are utilized in gas production plants and filling stations. Introduced in 1996, the FloMaster valve continues to provide improved efficiency and accuracy, leading to greater return on investment for our partners.

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