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Ship Building

shipbuildingShips must be equipped with the highest quality of valves and fittings to ensure maximum safety during travel and to reduce the risk of complications that could be detrimental to the ship and all on board. CPV’s solutions are reliable products that provide peace of mind to owners and operators of all types of vessels.


The CPV O-Seal System

CPV has continued to develop revolutionary valve designs, including a better globe for pressures to 6,000 psi using the O-Seal end connections. The O-Seal system permits slip-in/slip-out speed and efficiency. This system can withstand heavy vibration or pressure surges better than gasket or metal-to-metal seals.

The talented engineers at CPV were the first to design the O-Seal system concept, which has become their largest market to date. CPV has maintained the interchangeability of these components for more than 40 years.

Long-Term Navy Supplier

Since the 1950s, CPV has proudly equipped the vessels of the US Navy with our products. A unique specialized test stand utilizing O-rings for quick assembly and disassembly was designed to meet the requirements of the Navy, leading to the development of O-Seal fittings that employed a recessed O-ring to seal the mating flat faces. The Navy and other industrial customers seeking leakproof and reliable connections continue to benefit from this innovation.

O-Seal valves and fittings help assure safe operation of the heavy-duty winches and are also found on the anchor windlass of US Navy ships as well as a number of CPV instrument/gauge valves and fittings in the Freon-based refrigerator and air-conditioning systems. Carriers also contain CPV valves and fittings in the elevator systems that lift aircraft to the flight deck and in the arresting gear that catch aircraft when they return.

CPV relief valves are found in air and hydraulic systems throughout the Navy. Because of their reliability, they are set to relieve excess pressure in the high-pressure air ram tensioner systems and a variety of other critical applications.

Every part ordered from CPV for naval installations is meticulously tested, inspected, and certified before shipment. As a result, CPV O-Seal system components have been consistently trouble-free.

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