The Secret to Long Lasting Valves and Fittings

Customers in need of high-quality valves and fittings are looking for products that are reliable, sustainable, and long lasting. There are specifications that companies must meet, so they’re counting on quality materials that perform well and are safe.

CPV Manufacturing offers the most sustainable products in the market. Find out more about the benefits of these products.

Interchangeability and Durability

Valves and FittingsThe original CPV valves were designed in the 1950s and have evolved over time. Since its “original” design, CPV has continued to update and improve on its original design as materials have improved, manufacturing and best practices have evolved. However, every CPV valve manufactured today is backward compatible and interchangeable with similar CPV valves installed in the past.  Their long-lasting success is proof of this as CPV products have been in the market for 30-50 years. When your product begins to wear, you can just replace the valve rather than having to replace the entire part.

CPV products don’t fail or wear out. So you’ll rarely need to replace them or have them repaired. In the case that your products do need to be repaired, CPV can service them. Repairs would be determined by the engineering team affiliated with CPV, while CPV provide the valves for specific manufacturers.

These valves and fittings increase the lifecycle and provide the ability to change out the individual part. So, the lifecycle costs are much lower. These long-lasting products are crucial for shipbuilding, since the life of navy ship is between thirty and fifty years.

Reigning over Competitors

When people are using competitors’ products, they aren’t having the same success with their valves and fittings as CPV customers. There is a significant difference between CPV valves and fittings and competitors valves and fittings. Competitors could have issues with their valves in just a year, causing the customer to need to continually purchase more. This means customers are spending a fortune purchasing more products, but they’re also spending their money on products that they are only sure will fail quickly.

While there’s a significant difference between the quality of CPV products and competitors’ products, there’s also a significant different in price. CPV may cost more, but it delivers longevity for every project.

Meeting Standards

CPV Manufacturing serves the following industries: ship building, petrochemicals, and industrial gases. In these industries, valves and fittings must be high-quality and perform efficiently and accurately. A faulty product could result in disastrous damage, that’s why companies in these industries rely on CPV for their non-failing valves and fittings.

The US Navy counts on CPV to equip their vessels with valves and fittings that meet government standards. CPV Manufacturing’s Quality Management System is certified in the areas of Design, Material, Fabrication and Testing and has been approved to meet the requirement of MIL-I-45208, SUBSAFE Level 1, EB 2678.

About CPV

CPV works together in the company and with partners to achieve the common vision, and look into the future and inside the present to make the company, products employees and customers better.

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