Why Your Filling Plants Should Meet Government-Level Standards

The quality and safety of your cylinder filling plant is of utmost important. The design must be created with a strong manufacturing engineer, with components that regulate oxygen throughout the entire process. One of the most essential elements of the filling plant is the valves and fittings that are opened and closed when mixing gases.

filling plantCPV Manufacturing is recognized as the leader and innovator globally in the industrial gas industry for more than a century. The high-quality valves and fittings are used within the oil and gas industry, where it’s crucial that the products perform effectively and safely. If these products aren’t effective, it can be detrimental to the plant and result in excessive damage. The innovative and unique designs of the valves and fittings allow gas-filling stations and plants to operative efficiently and accurately.

These designs and products exceed the requirement of industry and customer specifications and adhere to government standards SUBSAFE Level 1. This means that the valves and fittings won’t fail under any circumstances. Each product operates on this standard, as there’s no way to separate this quality system from the products.

Beginning in the 1950s, CPV has partnered with the US Navy to equip vessels with valves and fittings that meet the Navy’s requirements. The need for accurate products even led to the development of CPV’s O-SEAL fittings. The Navy, as well as other industrial customers, have benefited greatly from leak-proof and reliable connections that this innovation provides.

US Navy ships can’t afford to fail, and that’s why they rely on these O-SEAL valves and fittings to help assure safe operation. These revolutionary designs include a better globe for pressures to 6,000 psi. The system allows slip-in/slip-out speed and efficiency. The O-SEAL system can also hold up to heavy vibrations or pressure surges more effectively than gasket or metal-to-metal seals.

CPV products are also used in Navy ships’ Freon-based refrigerator and air conditioning systems as well as elevator systems that lift the aircraft to the flight deck and in arresting gear that catches the aircraft on its return. CPV products are found in air and hydraulic systems throughout the Navy and many other critical applications.

When you understand the quality of these products, you’ll get a better idea of why you should consider products that meet government-level standards for your commercial filling plant. Products that meet government-level standards are designed for the toughest conditions and made to do the most difficult jobs. The US Navy is confident in CPV products, which provide the Navy with peace of mind that their vessels are properly equipped with the highest quality of valves and fittings.

CPV is known worldwide for state-of-the-art design, quality, safety, and reliability. Make sure that your filling plant is equipped with high-quality valves and fittings that meet government-level standard in order to run the most efficient and accurate plant.

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