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Technical Resources

CPV Manufacturing provides valve and fittings technical documents, tables, and resources to help assist our customers with field maintenance and in support of design and piping installations. If you have questions or comments, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your needs.

Soft Goods Replacement & Maintenance

This guide is essential to the customer, providing detailed instructions for replacing O-SEAL & G-Series valve stem seals using the unique CPV “U” cup installation tool. Ordering information for soft goods kits is also provided in this section.

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Product Torque Values

For all valves and threaded union fittings, CPV has provided recommended torque values specific to each size. This guide will help the customer with installation of our valves and fittings into their piping systems.

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Valve Maintenance

Look here for various installation options for our valves as well as basic instructions for valve disassembly. For additional disassembly/reassembly procedures, please contact our Sales Department which will be happy to assist with your specific valve type.

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Fittings Data & Brazing Methods

Interested in fittings?  This section provides important literature on our union fitting design, testing, installation recommendations, and general brazing methods. 

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