3 Ways the FloMaster Air Operated Valves Have Improved Industrial Gas Manufacturing

In the oil and gas industries, the products must operate as they were designed to in order to minimize risks that could end up in injuries and damage.

CPV Manufacturing’s FloMaster Air-Operated Valves, are used in conjunction with automated PLC controls in industrial gas-filling facilities. These facilities are increasing their efficiency, profit and accuracy, even for complex, specialty gas mixtures that are filling and mixing by weight gravimetrically. Find out more about the FloMaster Air-Operated Valves and learn how you can benefit from them.

Automated Valves

Air Operated ValvesWhile most valve systems require the man power of a human to manually open and close the valves, FloMaster Air-Operated valves are automated valves. Human controls created an inconsistency in the filling of compressed gas mixtures, causing fills to be rejected. As part of an automated filling system using PLC’s and customized software which controls when to open and close the valves, maximizing operator efficiency and consistent fills minimizing the chance of mistake and human error.

Air Actuation

The FloMaster Air-Operated Valves utilize the pneumatic valve actuator with proven positive shutoff technology. This provided a more accurate way for industrial gas distributors and producers to control their cylinder filling and mixing operations. The air-actuated valves are used with the O-Seal System leakproof valves and fittings for optimum safety and efficiency.

Precision Mixing

Because of the automated valves used in conjunction with automated cylinder filling equipment, the FloMaster provides the ability to fill a precise mixture of gas based on predetermined programmed recipes so you can be certain you’re getting the right mixture every time.

Today, CPV is known around the world for not only the FloMaster air operated shutoff valves, but also the O-Seal Leak-proof System of high pressure valves and fittings, the Mark VIII system or tube size valves and fittings, and the new G-Series stainless steel shutoff, needle and check valves.

About CPV

CPV Manufacturing serves the following industries: ship building, petrochemicals, and industrial gases. In these industries, valves and fittings must be high-quality and perform efficiently and accurately.

The US Navy relies on CPV Manufacturing products to deliver high quality products to keep their vessels running smoothly, and these standards far surpass commercial requirements. All CPV products are delivered to customers meeting all standards of performance, reliability and quality.

CPV Manufacturing’s Quality Management System is certified in the areas of Design, Material, Fabrication and Testing and has been approved to meet the requirement of MIL-I-45208, SUBSAFE Level 1, EB 2678.

CPV designs and manufactures products that exceed industry and customer specifications, making them the obvious choice when it comes to selecting valves and fittings. CPV’s valves were designed in the 1950s and have since provided to be the most interchangeable and durable products in the industry today. Their long-lasting success is proof of this as CPV products have been in the market for 30-50 years.

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